I recently moved to Sebastopol (Jan. 19′) driving a 2005 VW Passat. It took it’s last gasps in March and I was eager to get into a new/used vehicle asap. Saini Auto was right in my neighborhood and after looking through the miles of cars in Santa Rosa and feeling completely overwhelmed and under financed I found the perfect car, 2011 VW Jetta with only 54k miles, there. Bobby was very patient as I waited for my funds to come through and assured me he would keep the car off the market for me until I had the money (one week later). So kind! He also went out of his way to get me an owner’s manual and make sure I had a “jack” in the car. It’s great having such quality and integrity so close by! The prices at Saini are lower than any I’d seen in the giant auto malls and I love supporting independent businesses. If you need a clean, reliable pre-owned vehicle go to Saini Auto!