I came to Saini Auto Sales after looking for a very specific series and style of Toyota Tundra trucks for almost 6 weeks all over the bay area and beyond, that would fit my price range and be in good enough shape to last for years ahead. I found the perfect truck for me with the wonderful help of Bobby, he actually had 2 of them even though I only saw one online, but one of them was definitely “my truck.” The first day I came to his dealership he stayed til 7pm to meet me and did not rush my test drive at all or pressure me into buying that truck, especially considering the second truck which was almost identical but was a $1000 cheaper. Bobby worked with me on the price and gave me a good trade in value for my old car, even held on to the truck for me for a few days when I hadn’t placed a deposit yet while I was deciding on my financing options. The truck is in immaculate shape and highly sought after so I am sure it was no easy task to say no to people who were interested, even one woman who made an offer on the truck. I have owned the truck 2 weeks now and took it to a mechanic for a thorough inspection, the only problems found were worn wiper blades and possibly a power steering fluid flush in the future. The truck condition speaks for itself, but the kind and professional service Bobby gave was amazing. Bobby was patient and courteous, he even purchased touch up paint pens that match directly with the manufacturer paint job at an incredibly discounted rate that I picked up with my plates, didn’t need to step foot in a DMV! Thank you very much Bobby.