I brought my daughter down to Saini Auto Sales looking to buy her first car. We had tried all the usual used cars listings and possibilities over the past month but still no luck. The lot is small, clean and well organized. Right off my daughter saw 3 cars that were her style, mileage and price range.Bobby, the owner, was very helpful and patient showing her each car, offering the car fax/blue book listings and letting her test drive. Since my daughter saved her money for this purchase she went with Bobby to talk price, registration and taxes.
I really appreciate that Bobby gave her such a decent price and really a great break on the registration fees. We sat with Bobby as he filled out and explained all the paperwork to us for the sale. First of the week we heard from Bobby that he had gone to the DMV handled all the paperwork and our tags and registration card were ready to pick up. Super efficient.
If there is a car on this lot you like – you should buy it. Bobby seems to have great integrity and really wants to make his business a success!