I bought a used vehicle from Bobby (he’s the owner), for my teenage son. The price was fair, and Bobby personally delivered the car to our home. Upon delivery, he asked me to call him if we had any issues with the car, and would do his best to resolve the issue. Today, my son and I were at the DMV for his drivers test. After checking in, he went back to the car so he could move into the line and wait for his test. Unfortunately, the car would not start. It was not a mechanical issue, rather the battery in the key fob had died and we were stuck. I called Bobby. Incredibly, he drove over to DMV to meet us and took the key fob over to the Toyota dealership and had the battery replaced. This is the kind of commitment to service that used to be common in this country. I am thanking Bobby for his efforts by posting this story and I encourage anybody looking for a used vehicle to visit Saini Auto in Sebastopol. I trust him.

Thank you Bobby,
Sincerely, CM